Monday, 9 February 2009


"Hello Squirt"
I open the kitchen door and stand back as all three girls hurl themselves at the kitchen door as I open it. Squirt bounds and all but jumps into my arms.....
"MORNING Ladyship"
Her tail wags at a hundred miles an hour. And I have a vision of a cartoon dog that wags it's tail so fast it's back legs take off making it look like a helicopter. You would think she had not seen me for a year. I open the back door and all three go out, followed by Purdy. The snow that we had last week, has turned into unrelenting rain. The garden looks like a quagmire. Squirt stands in a puddle and looks at the dog staring back up at her........
"Grrrrrrr!" The dog in the puddle growls back. Squirt rises to the challenge and barks the dog in the puddle does the same. Taken aback she runs from the puddle to the other side of the garden and checks all around to make sure the other dog has not followed her.
"Come on girls" All three come bounding up the stairs Squirt brings up the rear and she stands on the top step waiting.........
"Squirt are you coming in it's raining?"
"Squirt's on guard"
"From Invaders"
I look Puzzled........."Invaders?"
"That other dog invaded Squirts Garden"
"What other dog?" I check the garden but except for Squirt there is no one there.
"The dog that was copying Squirt"
"What dog Squirt?"
"The Dog in the water"
"Oh Squirt you are a silly dog"
"I know But you love me" Squirt looks at me and comes in. As she walks by the glass door to go into the hallway, she catches a glimpse of the other dog in the glass copying her again She looks and growls........Here we go again