Thursday, 5 March 2009

Taods and Good Morning Officer!!!

I wake up and still bleary eyed look at the clock beside the bed reads 3;22 Squirt bangs on the kitchen door by jumping up and crash I hear one of the dog bowls fall over. I find my slippers and plod downstairs.........I open the kitchen door to find all three pups asleep in bed .......I then open the back door and take a quick look outside all is quiet.......even the wind that has been blowing all day and well into the evening has died down. Squirt gets up and with a loud Yawn and a stretch Looks up at me and then outside.
"It's still night time."
"Yes Squirt I know what was the noise?"
"I don't know I was asleep."
"Who was banging at the kitchen door?"
"I don't know I was asleep then too."
Jilla wakes and I hold the back door open for her to go out in case she wants to.
She sits on the step at the top of the stairs and looks up at the stars she looks at me and smiles.....tongue lolling to one side.
" Wind stop no noise left"
"Well something made a crash" I look around to see if I can see anything. But nothing seems out of place tired and puzzled I lock up the house the pups go back to bed and so do I.
I just get comfortable and warm when The door bangs again I hear Squirt bark annoyed I don my slippers and head for the kitchen again. Squirt has her back to me and she has her nose to floor at the edge of the dishwasher where there is a 3 inch gap at the bottom were the kitchen sink unit doesn't meet, If it did we couldn't open the dishwasher!
"What are you doing Squirt"
"There is something in there" My heart sinks as flash's of rodent's of all sizes go through my mind. I pick up a long wooden spoon and wiggle it around in the hole, half hopping something will run out and half fearing if it did. I feel a cold trickle of sweat and giving myself a Stern talking to I proceed to wiggle and poke till I think I feel something. Squirt meanwhile has decided that if I am up it must be morning and she wants to go outside. I give one more good poke down the side of the dishwasher when something wet and slimy jumps and brushes past my arm. Squirt is there in a instant. And sitting in the light of the kitchen is a Toad from the garden how he got in let alone trapped in my kitchen I don't know. But now came the shall we say interesting to catch him and get him outside without 4 Ridgebacks trying him out to see if toad would be a nice addition to their already varied and already extensive menu I say 4 because Purdy has now joined us in the kitchen to see what the commotion is. Jilla goes up and tries to sniff it the Toad thinks otherwise and hops out of reach Squirt is now defiantly convinced it is play time and her front paws go down and bottom goes up her tail wags furiously. She barks in excitement and the Toad does what toads do best and Jumps and hops around the kitchen The mayhem that ensues has to be seen to be believed at last I manage with lots of help from Squirt and Co to corner the Toad by the kitchen door I open the door and we almost get him outside when the stupid amphibian jumps 180 degrees in the wrong direction back into the kitchen Then I go cold I hear a voice.........
"Is everything alright there love?" I stick my head out of the door and look outside.
"Errr yes, That is yes we are alright but there is a Toad in the kitchen and it's upsetting the dogs.......Thank you officer" The local Police car upon seeing my light on and the door open thought he would stop and check. Sweet, except that Jilla hates strangers at the best of times. And Men in Particular...........So she runs at the gate Barking At this hour of the morning That is not a good idea The Policeman retreats back to his car mumbling apologies as the neighboring lights start to go on one by one I call Jilla inside and satisfied that the policeman poses no further threat she comes in.......The toad that was the cause of all the fuss has now gone. Squirt looks at me happily.
"That was fun what shall we do now"
"GO TO BED" I settle them down and I'm just about to close the Kitchen door when Down comes my Darling Husband.
"Hello Babe. How long have you been up? Have you done the lunches yet? is the kettle on?"
I look at the clock It reads 6;10
"Morning" says Squirt