Thursday, 2 April 2009


"Squirt...................." I call and no reply where is she? All the other dogs are asleep either in their Beds in the kitchen or upstairs Jilla wags her tail and walks over to where I am stood at the back door she rubs her nose up against my legs itching her long nose and her head. I open the back door and a cold wind whistles through the kitchen. we are all ready for school and madam has to go missing.
"SQUIRT" I hear a distant bark which can't possibly be her or can it? I call her one more time.
"SQUUIIIRRRTTTTT" Purdy barks and sure enough there is scratching at the door There sits Squirt covered from head to toe in mud and other delightful thing's the smell is that of decomposing rubbish Jilla smells her and recoils she really is that bad.........There is nothing for it she will have to be showered I drag the dirty and rather unwilling Squirt upstairs to the bathroom And close the door and put the offending animal in the shower to be washed Squirt looks at me and sits she realizes what is coming......Ten Minutes Later a cleaner and sweeter smelling Squirt enters the Kitchen and now late we all head out and go our separate ways...........

The day passes without further mishap And later that evening we lock up the house and head up to bed.
Day breaks at around 6am and the girls wake and start to play I can hear them pouncing as I walk down the stairs. Opening the door to let them out they struggle to be out and down the stairs first. Upon entering the garden Jilla and Squirt play while Pierrot looks out over the top of the wall while standing on her hind legs Hoping to play Boo With any unsuspecting passer by the paperboy is a firm favourite as not only does Pierrot get the satisfaction of making him jump but when he has recovered his composure she gets a fuss and a bit of his Chocolate as well. She comes in wagging her tail happily and settles down for a snooze! The two mad ones are still outside chasing each other I make the Packed lunch's and wanting to go and get showered I call them both in. Jilla comes in and thirsty she laps a bowl of water and jumps on the sofa to have a cuddle with DH. But once more there is no sign of Squirt. Sighing I go out into the Back garden But No She has once again vanished this is becoming a habit and if we are not careful, she will at best become a nuisance and at worst either get herself killed or cause an accident. I groan as visions of both of these misfortunes flash through my head and refuse to leave.
Once again I call her Once again in the distance I hear an excited bark. It is her I strain to listen. But the road is starting to become busy as the city wakes and people begin to start the day. Just as I am climbing the outside stairs to enter the house I hear a rustling And there in the garden is Squirt ,,,,,,,,,,complete with bacon sandwich.
"Mmmm Breakfast she sits and eats where she has been I still don't know Squirt wags her tail Pleased with herself I am just glad to have her back safe and sound in one piece. Tomorrow we buy wood and wire and fix the hole in the fence I have bought some bacon scraps for pups breakfast, so she should stay put in the morning. However knowing Squirt!