Friday, 30 January 2009

Thursday...... caterpillars and carrots

Thursday, Morning...... Slept. Woke up late with strange noise outside......It's bin day.
Went outside to look for carrot that was thrown out there yesterday......Chewed carrot Watched Long fluffy creature climb up bush barked and wagged my tail nicely, but fluffy creature didn't want to play I showed her ladyship who said it was a Caterpillar that would soon be a butterfly. Not sure if I remember what a butterfly is, they arrive when the warm weather comes.
" Does that mean they're cooked" I ask her ladyship
" No Squirt. They like the warmer weather when the flowers are out, as they eat the pollen that the flowers make".
"Do carrots grow in the summer?"
"Yes Squirt they do"
"Wish it was summer now...............I know" Brown eyes the colour of Topaz twinkle.
"You know what Squirt"
"Let's plant some carrots"


Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Well It's been a strange sort of day. It was very windy last night with rain splattering the windows, and the wind blowing the cans and bottles out of the bin outside the convenience store. Making all sorts of strange noise's. Which upset Jilla. So no one had much sleep because she was barking, and once she starts she doesn't stop. Today however was a much nicer day than yesterday We were fed early, With the promise of further treats to come later in the day, when her ladyship makes tea for her pups.
And we got to go out to the park where we run and Pierrot goes in hunt of Bunny's and Squirrels.
Did I ever tell you about the day that Purdy and Pierrot caught a Squirrel.......It was late afternoon and we had finished our walk when Purdy ran into the last field in the park and in a large semi circle chased a Squirrel towards Pierrot Who although the laziest out of all my sisters. Was quick to spot the Squirrel and gave chase.The Squirrel seeking refuge ran up a nearby tree Purdy went one side of the tree and Pierrot the other the Squirrel ran around the tree to try an beat both of them And ended up with it's leg in Pierrot's mouth a with a loud shriek! That startled Pierrot so much she opened her mouth and let the Squirrel go. She's not the brightest puppy in the world...... Whereas I on the other hand have been spoilt with beauty and brains.........I wonder if boy pups will have carrots for tea

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Hello and welcome CC and Di

Hello Auntie CC and Auntie Di thank you for following my blog........We are just waiting for her ladyship to get off the phone and make us some puppy toast Mmmmm! I can just taste it......wonder what it would taste like with carrots.......Squirt likes carrots. Carrots delicious, so much fun to play with and they make such a good mess too Like chewing a tasty stick. Maybe if I bring her ladyship in a carrot she will swap it for puppy toast! lets see which one is the smelliest...........

"Phew Squirt that stinks"..................."Take it outside"
The back door is opened and both the carrot which is of dubious age, and Squirt are now outside.

I take it no puppy toast this morning? Squirt sighs But perks up when she sniffs the air.........Now somewhere I buried a bone........
Squirt trots off happily to explore lets hope she finds something more pleasent than a two month old carrot!

Monday, 26 January 2009

Hello Squirt here!

Well the Iorning has been done and I am always amazed at why humans iron their many coats should have just one like us dogs .........No fuss easy to keep clean just wash and go!

But I'm being rude and getting way ahead of myself let me introduce myself .

My names is Squirt And I'm a 15 month 26 day old Rhodisian Ridgeback One of a litter of eleven Pups born to Durban and Purdy on the 1st October 2007 one by one my brothers and sisters found a home till there were just three of us left Jilla Pierrot and me Squirt I'm the youngest and by far the most beautiful