Friday, 30 January 2009

Thursday...... caterpillars and carrots

Thursday, Morning...... Slept. Woke up late with strange noise outside......It's bin day.
Went outside to look for carrot that was thrown out there yesterday......Chewed carrot Watched Long fluffy creature climb up bush barked and wagged my tail nicely, but fluffy creature didn't want to play I showed her ladyship who said it was a Caterpillar that would soon be a butterfly. Not sure if I remember what a butterfly is, they arrive when the warm weather comes.
" Does that mean they're cooked" I ask her ladyship
" No Squirt. They like the warmer weather when the flowers are out, as they eat the pollen that the flowers make".
"Do carrots grow in the summer?"
"Yes Squirt they do"
"Wish it was summer now...............I know" Brown eyes the colour of Topaz twinkle.
"You know what Squirt"
"Let's plant some carrots"



  1. Hi Boo! :P
    like this blog a lot:)
    sending you lots of Dutch Hugs, Anja
    Be smart, make art.

  2. Thank You Anja Squirt has become our Mascot on the tag thread. AS when I Was up evey 2 hours feeding Purdys litter the girls on tag kept me company and sane!

  3. Hope those carrots grow Squirt!!