Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Hello and welcome CC and Di

Hello Auntie CC and Auntie Di thank you for following my blog........We are just waiting for her ladyship to get off the phone and make us some puppy toast Mmmmm! I can just taste it......wonder what it would taste like with carrots.......Squirt likes carrots. Carrots delicious, so much fun to play with and they make such a good mess too Like chewing a tasty stick. Maybe if I bring her ladyship in a carrot she will swap it for puppy toast! lets see which one is the smelliest...........

"Phew Squirt that stinks"..................."Take it outside"
The back door is opened and both the carrot which is of dubious age, and Squirt are now outside.

I take it no puppy toast this morning? Squirt sighs But perks up when she sniffs the air.........Now somewhere I buried a bone........
Squirt trots off happily to explore lets hope she finds something more pleasent than a two month old carrot!


  1. Squirt carrots are not good on toast............stick to butter.

  2. Hey, Squirt. I knew you'd have your own place on the internet someday! Looking forward to your diary and don't ignore Pierrot and Jilla! They have interesting stories too! Love you Sweetie.

  3. Squirt had to stop in to read about my favorite girls before going to bed. Enjoy your carrot, just not on your puppy toast. :-) Squeaky Kitty says hi from Frostyburg!!

  4. Thank you To all My fav Aunties for your kind comments. Love you lots XXXXXXXXX

  5. Squirt you are funnier day by day
    Love your blog Keep up the good work