Tuesday, 3 February 2009


" The world has gone White" Squirt pokes her nose out of the door and large Snowflakes descend. She steps onto the snow gingerly and stands there inspecting the White stuff on the ground........
"It's Snow Squirt"
"Can you eat it?"
"It will be cold" Squirt trots down the outside stairs, a little slower than her usual sonic speed as she can't tell how deep the snow is. But once down into the garden it's a different story She runs around like a being possessed. Bounding and leaping as though she has springs in her paws! She reminds me of Tigger out of the Pooh Bear Books by A.A Milne......Once Tigger Er I mean Squirt has calmed down Her sisters join her outside Pierrot looks, does what she has to do and comes in. Jilla on the other hand is standing there with a big grin on her face as she holds her head up towards the snowflakes as they land on her. Squirt is standing just underneath the tree, when a small clump of snow that has gathered on one of the branches becomes to heavy for the branch to hold.......It falls On Squirt who barks and is now trying to beat up the snow, she runs in wet and cold........ slides across the floor and with a crash comes to a stop as she collides with one of the kitchen units.......
"The white stuff is evil it's trying to take over the world and it tried to beat up Squirt"
She says this all at once without taking a breath.
"Come in and get warm Squirt"
All this before 6:30 am. And Jilla was still outside with a big grin on her face. Looking and enjoying the snowflakes.
"Come on Jilla" Jilla comes in and shakes the snow off
" Snow Pretty"
" I know....... Jilla pretty too"

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  1. Squirt, sounds like you aren't sure about that white stuff called snow. Jilla seems to have enjoyed the beauty of the snow. Pierrot just didn't get it at all it sounds like. Must have been the first snow for all. :-)