Thursday, 19 February 2009

Today is Thursday. And I have been busy helping her ladyship look after her pups......They are at home for something called half term break .......I don't know what that is, all I know is Squirt didn't break it.
Squirt gets blamed for Lot's of things and I'm not a bad dog really. Like the time his Nibs went and left the fridge door open and I went to see if I could help close it! It wasn't my fault that the Joint for dinner just happened to be on the shelf that was the same height as my mouth .......Or the time We all "helped" with her ladyships laundry We thought we would take it out into the garden and play with it...........

One very good thing about her ladyships pups being home is Squirt gets Lot's of treats and fusses Squirt likes that.........And Lots of walks we like the park nearby for that. When we have a dry day we go out for hours Pierrot goes exploring and I keep Jilla amused by giving her something to chase other than little dogs. Which tends to give the owners heart attacks. Well Squirt has to go now as there is a strange smell coming from the kitchen.........Off to investigate!

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